nanobots: (JL | I'm so deep)
Nanobots ([personal profile] nanobots) wrote on August 17th, 2013 at 03:27 pm
They are certainly all having fun. I'm hoping I can work on the puppy, Leena, and Chekov at the same time. Maybe they'll be good for one another. They're only a couple of months apart (he is 9mons, she is 6mons) so it might be good for them to work together. Last time they were all together she learned lay down because of them! Leena sort of has to be retained cause she escaped from doggy daycare and was gone for 5 days in a heat wave so she sort of went a little feral. She's improved a lot though.

Ugh. I'm just really upset with the backstabbing, shady dealings, and bad mouthing that's going on. I don't even know why people are deciding to attack me. I don't even play that much. So I deleted most of my secondary journals, am sticking to two characters (Gabe and Hannibal) and more or less just playing with myself (which I do anyway so I guess it's not much of a change lol.)
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