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So I didn't update yesterday, sadly, thanks to a very upsetting personal issue.

Sadly Chekov didn't do so great at his training. In fact he bit the trainer. Twice. So I may or may not have to give him to one of my friends for a while, if he doesn't mind my parents can't take him cause there are kids and stuff and if he bites them things could get really out of hand really quickly. One of the reasons we were taking him to a trainer was because he tried to bite one of the neighbor kids. I don't want him being put down just because he's nippy.

She knows him and he loves her dog (almost more than Moose). So it wont be hard to give him to her cause I know he'll be taken care of and I'll him and so will Moose and maybe, when I come back from England and I can focus on him. It's really sad. I've never had this much trouble with a dog. He wasn't worked with at all by the people we took him from.

I've also had a pretty shitty day today for other reasons but I don't want to talk about them anymore. But it basically has to do with a bunch of assholes in the RPing community that I'm a 1000000000000% done with.


One of the reasons I'll be sad about Chekov leaving is because he really is a sweet dog. I do love him an awfully lot. I mean despite driving me crazy sometimes (especially because of what he did in my last rant) he's just so freakin' cute and sweet. I adopted him as basically a favour and it's just holy balls sometimes. He's been an adventure. But this woman has a lot of time on her hands (she works from home too) and would love to take him in so that's good. I know he'll be safe and sound and I can see him again.

Anyway this week on top of working with Chekov I've got Leena because my parents are going to Wisconsin to visit some family friends. My parents don't trust Leena with anyone after the escaping from doggy daycare incident so I'm watching her and I don't mind at all. Moose is going to be so tired by the end of this week though!

All the monsters!

Leena kept fucking up the shot! Silly boxer bb!

There's gonna be an awfully lot of this going on this weekend!
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Puppies! That's too bad about Chekov, but I get it. They look like they're having so much fun in the pics!!

The RP community can be so crappy sometimes. I hope whatever it is gets better. *hugs*